Our team brings a wealth of experience from some of the world's most formidable production studios, agencies and startups.

Solution oriented and versatile Lagosian with an Mzansi flavour. I believe in constantly evolving and improving one’s self order to achieve the very best. It’s simple really…just be EPIC.

Innovation & Special Projects

Ability to keep one’s ducks in a row is an uncommon art that ‘Momo’ is ‘obsessed’ about. In 2004, she decided to pursue her dreams. She joined LTC as an enforcer to a top executive in the C-Suit. This she did for about two years before she shuffled into Administration. And thereafter to Talent Management.
Astute, firm but fair, Momo is a minstrel and a wanderlust.

Admin Manager

Found with the habit of creating something with shapes back in 2010 and the rest are stories for another day. Years later (always a slow starter) I wandered through the therapy doors seeking to become better as the day passes by ‘Gingerness’.

Today and still counting I strive to be better cos my present has to be better than my past…

Art Director

She’s interesting, fun-loving, and creative with a nice slice of strategic thinking. Her ability to imagine successful outcomes to projects gives her the unique spice of managing the work process and tick the requirements for adequate delivery on clients’ briefs.

Off work, she loves to cook up a storm and enjoy yummy dishes. Her love for music and dance is amazing. If you’ve got two left feet, just dock whenever you sight her. She might just challenge you to a dance battle.

Account Manager

Imagine the conductor of one of the world’s best symphony orchestras at work. Baton in hand. Pristine tailcoat and all. With every flick of the wrist creates great music with the best musical talents.

Now imagine these talents are not musicians but battle-hardened designers, wordsmiths and creative idea savants. You got it! That’s my world of work.

I’m the gatekeeper and the lubricant that keeps the agency’s creative and business machines running as one. That I do these smiling is just, well, second nature.

Traffic Manager

“Anything is possible if you are willing to pay the price.


I exist at the nexus of four cultures. My passion for excellence is driven by the tension this brings. I’ve found a niche in growing brands through the cultivation of new strategies and ideas.

Higher level performance? That’s what I have for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Above all, I smile a lot because ‘A smile don’t cost a thing’.

Account Manager

I’m ME. Mercurial. Engaged.
I make the most of myself, for anything that excites my imagination, tickles my senses, awakens my brain and arouses my curiosity.


‘There’s nothing more magical than the smiles we see on your faces’.

Front Office Executive