Wondering who we are? Well, we say we’re dreamers, doers, and everything in between. We’re a creative force for good! But you can simply call us LTC Advertising and we’re so happy you are here!

Some call us magical for the impossible feats we often pull off on the job. But we’re just a bunch of hard-hitting, problem-smashing, result-driven, brand-building, fun-loving guys you can always count on.

Strategic thinking is the air we breathe, creative execution is our core. And creating an army of happy customers is our ONLY religion.

We speak and do traditional and digital advertising, trade and consumer communication, audio and visual contents, brand experience strategy and immersion. We do a bit more than these stuffs. We dare say a lot more.

We believe in the power of ideas. We know when well nurtured, they can change the world. We’ve been around for over three decades. But we know there’s great reward in collaborative engagements. Reason our battle cry is: think, do, win, together.

It’s also worthy to note that many brands across diverse sectors of Nigeria’s economy bear imprints of our expertise.

Still wondering who we are? Why not head over to our work section to have a feel of what we’re capable of.